My name is Patrick Bohse and I am a Bioengineering undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh. My interests include, but are not limited to science, technology, and service. My goal is to combine these interests to create a unique and impactful career.

Things I've Done

Created whereisit5oclock.world with a friend so we always know where it is currently happy hour! I also learned some JavaScript along the way.

Biomechanics Research on the role of attention in balance and mobility in Autism Spectrum Disorder at the University of Pittsburgh Human Movement and Balance Lab.

Steelhacks finalist for creating Autoponics, an automated aquaponics system using a laser cutter, 3D printer, and raspberry pi.

Cell Culture co-op at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in the Process Development department working to optimize the production of therapeutic antibodies in benchtop bioreactors.

Co-authored Rational Design Protein Engineering Through Crowdsourcing and poster which was eventually published in Journal of Student Research

Contact Me

Email: patrickbohse1@gmail.com

Phone: (908) 472-2415

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